Hakuchi, officially Hakuchi Metroplex Biome Region, is one of 13 prefectures of the Yamazawa Biome and one of, in totality, 38 prefectures in Yamazawa station. Hakuchi is the capital of Yamazawa, center of the Greater Hakuchi Area, and the largest metropolitan area in the Sol system. It is the seat of the governmental power of Yamazawa station, housing parliament and the visitor housing for the Japanese Imperial Family as well as the President of the United States of America. Technically controlled jointly by both the United States of America and Nihon-Koku, Hakuchi was founded in 1962 by the Directive of Execution by the American-Japanese Alliance and Task Force HASHI. Materials had been moved into place a majority of the superstructure created by the turn of the decade in 1959, paid in part by the salaries of workers who arrived to build the station.

The Hakuchi Metroplex Biome Region government administers the 17 special district wards, each governed as their own city, as well as innumerable smaller wards and villages, as well as the municipalities, thirty-seven strong, among them, to the west and out among the island chains. The full metropolitan area houses nearly 70 million people, and contains both the world’s most populated metropolitan area and the world’s largest metropolitan economy.

Zawa to Yamazawa

The city and station have an attitude, a sort of nervous twitch in regards to all the people coming and going among the docks. A tension fills the air, and it shudders in anticipation as to what might come next. The locals call this “Zawa to Yamazawa,” and it fills everything they do; there’s a sense of immediacy in the air, and many newcomers mistake it for hushed rudeness, when it truly is simply the held breath before the burst of a firework.

Yamazawa Style

“We got the style, eh! Yamazawa style! Ura-zawa style! Hey!”

A trend among those were born and raised in the station’s biome and in the city, the “Yamazawa style” is reflected in music, street performers, and groups that gather and collect near the port up along Maezawa and Ayugi bridge in the Suroda district. The movement refers to wide variety of fashions, and incorporates elements of western, gothabilly, punk, and space chic/cyberpunk, with cold space jackets modified to resemble team or Elvis jackets and vacuum hazard containment masks modified and painted to reflect the eclectic mix of people and styles that move through the station on a daily basis, a hodgepodge of excited, bombastic appearances lined up for visitors and natives alike.


Yamazawa Style SummerEvening SummerEvening