If people don't want to get killed, they should stop making it so appealing.


No one knows where Zipperhead is from, and no one really knows why he’s such a ruthless killer; everyone knows he’s involved in the rather messy killings around the metroplex that are coming to be known as the “mincemeat murders,” but no one can ever really prove anything. At this point, he’s basically an urban legend, the bogeyman gossiped about among teenagers, a sort of modern-day Bloody Mary with a thousand descriptions, short, fat, tall, thin, American, Japanese, Yawazawan, and everything between, a black-clad specter that fills the onlooker with fear. It’s also known that he has a power, as more than one Keeper can attest. Unfortunately, his exact powers aren’t known, though some degree of their capacity can be surmised.

Tag Team
This Title allows the user to generate conflicting physical evidence as to their passing, and destroy physical evidence by touch. It scrambles video footage, tape recordings, and even DNA and blood evidence that the user was ever present. The power works automatically, so all that remains is whatever a witness has seen.


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