The Gum-Gatherer

I'm. . . Hungry.


Once a middle-class sibling in a family of four, the Gum Gatherer had a breakout just after her older sister’s marriage. No longer able to face her family out of the shame of becoming a Keeper of such a questionable nature, she left her home and moved to the Yamazawa station, where she quickly learned that her money meant nothing. She was taken in by Fire and Ice, who took away her desire to return to her family under her own cognizance, in addition to any desire she might ever have had to betray him, and she serves him faithfully as samurai.

The Gum Gatherer
The power’s user has no mouth on their face; they can make it move to any other surface, proportionately larger with regards to the surface, as long as it’s not on their own body: placing the mouth of a skyscraper results in a mouth sized as if the skyscraper were the user’s face. The user can speak, move lips, extend the tongue, and perform any action they could conceivably perform with their own mouth, since it is their own mouth. The user can even pick up and swallow themselves if the mouth is big enough, and is thus capable of hiding in their own gullet; the user will reappear in the original location they first acquired the power if they leave.

The Gum-Gatherer

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