Hello! How may I conduct your call?


One of the Sennari Sennin, Mushi-mushi doesn’t talk much about her past. It’s probably because it’s not very exciting until her breakout. Unlike the others in the organization, Mushi-mushi actually prefers if things don’t get too out of control in her territory, and enjoys working with other Keepers as well as the police and local organized crime in dealing with super-powered individuals. She considers herself something of a human resources director for those with Titles, and also tries her best to ensure that things stay peaceful in her part of town.

The user can create up to 10 hand-sized “beetles” that can be opened like a phone and receiver by saying “Mushi-mushi;” despite being biological, the inside speaker and rotary dial are made of plastic, as is the cord that connects them. The user can give these phones out; the numbers are untraceable and the user’s voice is disguised. The phones can be used to dial into any phone the user knows about, even if they don’t know the number. The power’s holder can hear any phone call made on one of the bug phones. “Mushi” is slang for “bug” used by children, and “moshi-moshi” is the term used for saying hello on the phone.


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