Missy Maggot

As a child, you were riddled with ringworm...


Once a businesswoman for one of the upscale areas downtown near Suroda, Missy Maggot thinks she caught something at the port. Because of how her power works and the nature of myiasis, there’s not much of the original woman left, and she now prowls along down near Osanagi and Osago, mostly around the shanties in the north area of the city; she just doesn’t want to get caught, and figures the easiest way to do that is to masquerade as someone that nobody wants to look at to begin with. It’s worked out for the most part, and along with the Gum-Gatherer, Missy Maggot works as a samurai for Fire and Ice. Her specialty is in item recovery and information delivery.

Burrow Your Way to My Heart
This Title forbids its Keeper from healing wound naturally. Fortunately, the Keeper can also use other life forms, from crustaceans to annelids, to replace the tissue wholesale. Planarians can substitute for ligature, crabs for cartilage, and even whorls of acorn worms for eyes, and a leech for each finger. Eventually, the Keeper is consumed utterly, and the swarm rules. The Keeper has full control over the colony, and can dissolve into a mat of crawling things should the need arise.

Missy Maggot

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