I have all the company I need out here.


Gyoto lives on the western edge of the biome out near the small town of Yonedate, far from Hakuchi city. He spends his time in a sea shack made of driftwood, nets, and the remains of a beach house. Despite himself, he’s a friendly sort, but doesn’t trust those who don’t take his offers of food. He prefers to spend his time alone with his power, but uses it to help those who come by just to get them to go away.

Her Ghost in the Fog
This Title allows the user to call up a mist that contains a single, feminine figure. The figure has the history, life, attitude, and general aspects that the user desires, but can’t be seen clearly. It comes with all relevant identification, authority, and knowledge it needs. She is, essentially, the stranger met on the road in the mist; once it’s gone back to the mist, however, it ceases to exist. Her Ghost in the Fog actually activates and speaks to its user on its own, in addition to appearing to have some measure of free will.


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