Eimi Jackson

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Eimi Jackson is a third-generation Yamazawan, and loves the station as much as any patriot. She’s concerned about the future, about the current crop of foreign governors, and about the captain’s seeming willingness to bow to the demands of outsiders. At the same time, she knows the station can’t survive on its own, and needs food from nearby stations and planetoids. She has, since experiencing a breakout, been ordered by a United Nations executive order to never leave Yamazawa, but she has been given analog Channel 5 to broadcast whatever she likes. Since she doesn’t sleep due to her Title, she runs an all-day variety television show that reports news, performs comedy sketches, and plays music. It’s been running for nearly two years, and is still one of the more popular shows on the station, namely because it’s pretty much always on.

Space Channel
The Keeper can manipulate and sense ultra high frequency signals (including radio signals) and interpret them on any surface, effectively creating television screen or radio speakers anywhere, even in midair. The Title has also demonstrated the ability to turn objects and willing people into UHF signals and transmit them over common frequencies, allowing the user to teleport almost anywhere in the station. Space Channel isn’t limited to in-use signals, either, and the Keeper can access television broadcast that should have long since scattered into unreadable signals.

Eimi Jackson

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