Eijo Nakamura

That outfit is painful. No, I'm serious. Yes, I -have- worn it.


The third child and second son of the Nakamura family, Eijo knows perfectly well where his place in the familial hierarchy was: get a good education and try to move out while still supporting his parents to the best of his ability. That was before the breakout. Now his family doesn’t know what to do with him. He skips school, comes home late, and tries to avoid using his Title as often as possible. His little brother thinks that it’s awesome. He’s been considering Mushi-mushi‘s offer to become one of her samurai for about a year, but prefers the life of a ronin at the moment. His abilities embarrass him, and he keeps finding ways to not use them, which gets him into trouble when another Keeper gets involved. He has his suspicions as to who he got the power from, but considering that she’d be dead, the point is moot.

The talent can transform into almost any human form, but can’t duplicate real people and can only transform into people of an opposite gender; the power’s original holder, a woman, could only transform into men, and the current holder, a sixteen year old boy, can only transform into women. When used to duplicate a fictional character, the transformation comes with “props” needed to fulfill the role that’s being duplicated. Powers the fictional character possesses function at a reduced capacity.

Eijo Nakamura

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